Tarot & Oracle Card Readings

Hey all! 🙂 I just wanted to let you know that I will be offering card readings in person & online! 🙂

Do you need general guidance or have a specific question/issue you want help/guidance with??? Perhaps a card reading will help clarify things.

Below are just some examples of readings I can offer:

  • General guidance
  • Guidance in a specific situation you have
  • Daily, weekly, monthly &/or yearly readings = what to focus on, what to embrace, what to bring what to leave behind
  • Life purpose reading
  • Relationship Reading
  • Reconnecting with your soul Reading
  • Self-love Spread
  • Honoring the divine feminine reading
  • 12 COSMIC LIGHT spread
  • Shadow self spread = what are you suppressing? How to overcome it?
  • Connecting with your guides reading = message from your guides? Something they have been trying to tell you for a while? how to be more open in the future?
  • Self-healing spread
  • Confronting past lives & mending the soul spread
  • Love spread – how to allow more love in, what can you do to find or maintain love, lessons to learn about love.
  • Full Moon Spread
  • New moon spread
  • Light worker Spread = why you have reincarnated in this lifetime? how to honors your gift?
  • Your gift – gifts you are aware & unaware of, what is blocking you, what will help you share your gifts
  • Five cards ELEMENTAL spread
  • Seven cards RAINBOW RAYS Chakra balancing spread
  • Balancing & cleansing SPECIFIC Chakra Reading

E.g: Third Eye Spread – about your 3rd eye, what can help you with your intuition, how to balance it, results when I balance this chakra

This is just an idea of what I offer & what to expect.

*** If you want more information on the above, get in touch! 🙂 on here comment section, via email – arwa-992@live.com

Contact me via Email @ arwa-992@live.com to place your order or visit my Etsy Store, click here.

Also check out my testimonial page, here, feedback on all services I provide 🙂

Other services I provide:

  • Reiki  for an hour – for more information, click here.
  • Card Readings – for more information, click here.
  • Birth Chart Reports – for more information, click here.
  • North & South Node – for more information, click here.

Have a beautiful day everyone,

Arwa – Reiki Master Practitioner, Cert. Natural Healer. Psychology Graduate, Holistic Nutritional Therapist, Card Reader & Blogger.


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  1. Laura Lion says:

    LOVE all these different types of readings X X


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